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Assessment Domain Only

  • 52Weeks


This covers the Assessment portion only of my Exam Preparation Course. This is for those wanting only content relating to the assessment domain. This section covers: - All DSM-5 diagnostics you need to know for your exam, including me discussing differential diagnosis for each - A comprehensive overview of the big six psychometrics you need to know for your exam: PAI, WAIS, WISC, DASS, k10, SDQ (including scoring guidelines, detailed overview of each sub scale, etc) - A review of the other 24 psychometrics you need to know for your exam - A summary of additional assessments you need to know including: Case history taking, Risk Assessments, and the Mental Status Examination - A live exam with me via video (pre-recorded). Sit with me while I read you 25 different assessment specific questions, allow you time to guess, then provide answers and rationale You will also get cheat sheets, slides for each section to print, and additional resources! This entire sections can be logged as CPD towards your internship. I estimate it will take you between 10-15 hours to cover everything.

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