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Integrating Schema Work into CBT

  • 52Weeks


In this two-hour workshop I will provide you practical skills and tools on how to incorporate schema work into your CBT practice. My aim is to help you bridge the gap between theory and practice, with evidence-based strategies you can begin using with your clients right away. This workshop is designed for those who are comfortable with their CBT practice, or looking for ways to enhance it with elements of Schema Therapy. I had the wonderful opportunity to train at the Beck Institute of Cognitive Behaviour Therapy in Philadelphia with Dr Judith Beck and the late Dr Aaron T. Beck (founding father of CBT). I also have training and experience using Schema Therapy in my clinical work. As someone who has found integrating these approaches incredibly beneficial to my clients, my aim is to teach you how to do this and what you need to consider. You will walk away from this workshop with an understanding of: - The compatibility and cross-over of CBT and Schema Therapy - An overview of all 18 schemas (derived from Schema Therapy). - How to use assessments to identify your clients schemas. I also provide a demonstration of the assessment (how to administer, score, interpret) and a link to the assessment for your personal use. - Evidence-based strategies for working with schemas in therapy - How to integrate your knowledge of schemas into the work you're already doing in CBT Who is this workshop designed for? - Psychologists and therapists who have a basic understanding and experience with CBT. - Schema therapy training is not required for attendance, and this does not constitute as formal schema therapy training. However, this will be covering schema basics and how to bring it into your CBT work when working with more challenging problems, and addressing core beliefs. This is worth two hours of professional development and you will have access to the recording for one year. Also included are downloadable slides.

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