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A step-by-step guide on how to treat depression. For a sneak peek- look at the video attached!



I created this resource for those who, like me, appreciate having structure and a roadmap for therapy. This is a 110 page manual which takes you from the initial assessment right through to the end of treatment. I have included templates and worksheets to use with your clients as well as clinical tips and tricks along the way. This manual includes:



- Initial session goals

- Initial session template and case history taking information 

- Differential diagnosis

- Suicide risk assessment- information, worksheets and templates including a safety plan

- Case formulations- templates and instruction

- Broad Plan for Therapy- what are the goals for treatment for therapy when working with a depressed client?

- A complete session by session guide- taking you from the first session up to the final session (approximately 16 sessions) which includes what your goals are for each session with corresponding worksheets and infographics to use with clients

- Behavioural Activation- information, worksheets and templates

- Cognitive Restructuring- information, worksheets and templates

- Core Belief identification & modification- information, worksheets and templates

- Behavioural Experiments- information, worksheets and templates

- End of treatment planning and templates

- Troubleshooting Tricky Clients


This manual is suited for any therapist working with clients with depression. It relies on evidence-based interventions and is presented in an easy to use format with plain language. It can be used digitally, with hyperlinks throughout the document for easy navigation across the manual. This file has also been optimised for those who wish to print and bind it. 



Please note: This is a digital file and each purchase is for individual use only. Please do not share, recreate, or distribute it without the author's written permission. Please feel free to reach out with any further questions!

Treating Depression: A Manual For Therapists

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