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Autistic Burnout

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In this two-hour professional development workshop you will walk away with a solid understanding of: - What Autistic Burnout is, including the proposed diagnostic criteria for this condition - How to Identify Autistic Burnout in a clinical space. I will also discuss how to identify it in clients you may not even (to this point) realise are Autistic. - Differential diagnosis as it is applied to Autistic Burnout. This includes understanding how to differentiate depression, occupational burnout, and ADHD burnout from Autistic Burnout. - A guide for treating clients with Autistic Burnout. I have collated the recommended evidence-based strategies that are also align with a neurodiversity affirming approach of understanding and treating Autistic Burnout. - General adaptations you can make to in therapy for Autistic clients to ensure that you are being both neurodiversity affirming and meeting the needs of your Autistic client who is experiencing burnout. This workshop is suitable for mental health professionals and any allied health professional working with Autistic people across the lifespan. Autistic Burnout can impact both children and adults and it is important to be able to recognise this and manage it appropriately due to the high risk for suicide Autistic people face. You will have access to this training for one year to replay as many times as you wish. Included are also downloadable slides. About the presenter: Amanda is a neurodivergent psychologist who practices using a neurodiversity affirming approach. When Amanda is not running 'Amanda Moses Psychology' she also operates a clinic where she focuses on the assessment and identification of adults who suspect they are Autistic or ADHD. She is passionate about teaching, training, and making neurodiversity affirming care accessible to clinicians.

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