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Clinical Resources

Essential Tools for Psychologists and Therapists

Here, you'll find a collection of therapy manuals and clinical resources, developed by me. These aren't just tools; they're a culmination of years of hands-on experience, detailed research, and feedback from professionals like you. As an experienced psychologist, I understand the nuances of our profession — the meticulous attention to detail, the importance of evidence-based practices, and the profound impact of a well-informed therapeutic intervention.


  • Want a step-by-step evidence based guide to treatment?

  • Looking to enhance your case formulations?

  • Need an intuitive guide for risk assessments or mental status exams?

  • Want to streamline your note-taking process, making every session count?

  • Need a tool that will quickly connect you to the right psychometric assessment for the diagnostic presentation you're working with?

  • How about resources for your Autistic and ADHD clients that are neurodiversity-affirming? 


All of my resources have been created thoughtfully to save you time and ensure you are using something that is evidence-based. I've spent countless hours refining each resource to ensure they are comprehensive, free of jargon, and practical. 

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Clinical Resources

Therapy Manuals

Psychoeducational Content

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