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Online Community for Early-Career Psychologists

Are you a provisional psychologist, registrar, or early career psychologist seeking a supportive and like-minded community where you can learn and build your skills? I'm excited to share what I have created at Amanda Moses Psychology.

Being a psychologist can feel isolating. Unlike many other professions, we often can't discuss the complexities of our day with partners or friends after work. It's crucial to have peers who are at the same stage in their careers and who truly understand the unique challenges you face. That's why, since AM Psychology's inception, fostering a strong community has been at the heart of what I do.

After successfully hosting a vibrant and expansive Facebook group for over a year, tailored specifically for early-career psychologists, I decided to elevate this experience. I have created a dedicated and secure platform—accessible via both desktop and a mobile app—designed to allow you to disconnect from the noise of social media and connect authentically with your peers. As of April 2024, our community proudly includes over 300 members.

Here’s what you can expect inside our community:

Video Podcast Series

My video podcast series is exclusive to my online community. Each month I release a new episode where I have interviewed a notable psychologist about their area of practice. To keep it interesting I have interviewed psychologists from a broad range of practice areas. Some of the topics we have coming up include: Chronic illness; Neurodivergence; Starting a private practice; Sex therapy; Working with children and developmental assessments; Eco-psychology; Treating Insomnia; Men's mental health; Working with offenders; Queer and Gender Affirming therapy; and so much more!

Most of these episodes can be counted as professional development which is just a bonus!

Online Class

Clinical Resource Library

My online community has a dedicated library filled with bite-sized trainings and resources I have developed exclusively for this platform. I have created content that is designed to be applicable to most psychologists. If you have seen my content on social media or have previously purchased my resources, you can be sure that you will be satisfied with what I have available to you inside my community.  

As part of being a member, I have committed to adding two new resources monthly. The best part? The community votes and decides what resources you want me to develop! This ensures that you're getting the type of content that is most relevant to you. 

Peer Supervision Groups & Book Club

For registered psychologists I have a free, monthly peer supervision group exclusive to community members on my platform. This is an easy way for you to connect, get support from your peers and accrue those CPD hours! It is hosted via a safe and secure video conferencing feature that I have available within my online platform.

My community also hosts a monthly Book Club available to all members. We vote and choose for the book (typically psychology themed) and meet via videoconferencing to discuss each month. This is purely for fun and a way of building connections. Everyone can opt in and out as they wish!

Discussing Books

Exam Prep Tuesday & National Psychology Exam Study Groups

'Exam Prep Tuesday' is a weekly service I run for provisional psychologists who are preparing for the National Psychology Exam. This is exclusive to my community platform and are not questions I release anywhere else. Each week I post a new NPE practice question, everyone comments their guess, and then at the end of the day I provide the correct answer with the rationale. This has been a great learning exercise and many have found this a valuable way of learning and preparing for the National Psychology Exam!

For provisional psychologists there is also a free, weekly NPE study group exclusive to community members on my platform. This is a great way to keep yourself accountable and reduce the isolation as you tackle the National Psychology Exam!

Dedicated Forums & Mentorship

I have spent time creating rooms to suit everyone's interests. This means when you join the community you can 'opt in' and 'opt out' of spaces according to your interests. This way you are only engaging in content that is most relevant to you!

Inside our various rooms you can be sure that you will be interacting with 'real people' using their real names. No pseudonyms or obscure profile pictures, or need to be concerned that your supervisor or employer is going to see your questions. I have created this space so that it feels safe yet provides that authenticity that social media platforms can not offer.

As a community member you also get the benefit of mentorship from me. I offer everyone dedicated support inside my community and would love to have you be apart of it!

Texting on Mobile Phone

My community is invite-only to ensure that integrity and safety are upheld. I meticulously verify every applicant's AHPRA registration to maintain a secure, authentic environment, that feels different from typical online social media groups. With a strict anti-bullying policy in place, members can confidently interact using their real names and profile pictures, fostering a genuine connection among peers. To further enable openness and comfort in discussions, employers and supervisors are strictly prohibited from joining.

So, what's the catch? There isn't one. My passion for supporting early-career psychologists drives this initiative, and offering this opportunity is an extension of that commitment. The subscription is priced at just $7.50 per week—a modest fee that helps cover the operational costs of the platform. This pricing supports your professional development affordably, providing a space where you can learn, accrue CPD hours at low cost, and most importantly, connect with a community of like-minded psychologists.

No long-term commitments are required. You can cancel your subscription at any time, no questions asked—that's a promise. Additionally, I offer discounted rates for those who opt to pay monthly, semi-annually, or annually.

Does this sound like the community for you? Apply through the link below. I look forward to welcoming you and supporting your journey as a psychologist.

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