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Hello, and thanks for being here! 

A little about me, I hold dual registration as a Psychologist & Board Approved Supervisor in Australia, and as a Clinical and Counselling Psychologist in the UK.

My strengths and clinical experience has been working with mood disorders, anxiety disorders, those at risk for suicide, neurodivergence, and complex and chronic mental health problems. I have strong skills and experience in conducting complex psychological assessments in neuropsychology settings, for diagnostic purposes, and for medico-legal matters.

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About Amanda Moses Psychology 

After a diverse and rewarding career in psychology, a pivotal moment came with the birth of my third child in 2022. Feeling burned out from my clinical work, I turned back to my first love—my psychology textbooks—and began a new chapter. I started working as a Board Approved Supervisor to provisional psychologists and quickly gained recognition for my engaging training workshops and group supervision sessions.

Long before I launched my acclaimed National Psychology Exam Preparation course, I was supporting provisional psychologists for free through a weekly initiative called 'Exam Prep Tuesdays'. What began on public platforms soon expanded into a private Facebook group with thousands of members, where I continued offering my mentorship to psychologists early in their career. This service emerged from my own memories of feeling vulnerable and overwhelmed, fuelling my desire to assist provisional psychologists during this critical stage of their professional journey.


As demand for my expertise grew, the seed for my National Psychology Exam course was planted. My National Psychology Exam Preparation course is the most significant project I've completed in my career. But what makes it truly special is that it was developed with the encouragement of over a thousand provisional psychologists who eagerly cheered me on and participated in its creation. They witnessed every step of the process, and got a snapshot into the behind the scenes making of the course. I sought their feedback along the way, ensuring my NPE preparation course was perfectly tailored to their needs.

I have consistently used my online presence and social media platforms to address critical issues affecting provisional psychologists, such as unpaid placements and unethical internships. I have devoted hundreds of unpaid hours to advocate and campaign for better conditions in the provisional psychology internship pathway. As a neurodivergent individual who came from humble beginnings, I understand firsthand the mental and financial toll that becoming a psychologist can take. That’s why I always ensure my spaces are inclusive, progressive, and affirming. I strive to be the mentor I once needed early in my career. I am now honoured to provide mentorship and support to over 300 psychologists in a private, online, thriving community. 

Today, Amanda Moses Psychology is more than just a business—it's a platform where I teach, support, advocate, and mentor psychologists at every step of their journey. It’s where I know I can make the most difference, one psychologist at a time. To everyone who has joined me on this journey, or is yet to, thank you from the bottom of my heart. The time I have spent getting to know each of you has been the most rewarding part of this chapter.


Some of the services I offer psychologists include

Outside of Amanda Moses Psychology, I have experience acting as the Early Career Coordinator at the Australian Association of Psychologists Incorporated (AAPi) and I am a regular contributor at Psychology Today (USA). I was offered a column to talk about topics relevant to early-career psychologists and clinical practice which you can find here.

I am also a regular guest on the Mental Work Podcast, a podcast focused on unpacking the challenges facing early-career psychologists in Australia. You can find some of my popular episodes here:

Treatment planning

Top Tips for Preparing for the National Psychology Exam

My approach is warm, down to earth and I aim to be as practical as possible as a trainer and supervisor. I operate entirely online and therefore am able to assist Psychologists across Australia (and the globe!).

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