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Case Reports

Provisional Psychologists completing their 4 + 2 and 5 + 1 pathways to registration are required to complete case reports. Here are the services I offer for Provisional Psychologists to assist them complete these mandatory assignments. 


Case Report Training

I offer comprehensive training on writing case reports. As a Board Approve Supervisor experienced in reviewing case reports, I know what AHPRA is expecting and how to write a case report that will optimise your chances of passing first go.


This training includes video discussion as well as two example case reports, and templates to use when writing your own. You can also count it as professional development towards your internship.

You can purchase this training here.

Reviewing for the Exam

Case Report Reviews

I offer a service where I will spend 1.5 hours reviewing your case report for you. I provide detailed comments and feedback, as well as in-line suggestions in Google Docs. At the end of this, I will provide you a checklist to let you know what areas need more work, and what you are doing well. 

This counts as 1.5 hours of indirect supervision which you can log towards your internship. You can book this service here.

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