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Case Report Training for Provisional Psychologists

  • 70Weeks


This 2.5 hour training is not just a structured guide to writing case reports, but also provides essential clinical practice training. This training is suitable for Provisional Psychologists undertaking the 4 + 2 and 5 + 1 psychology internship pathways. This training is also relevant for those in their Master of Clinical Psychology competing their case report assessments. The video training components include: - 2.5 hours of video content which can be logged as professional development - How to conduct an initial assessment effectively - How to administer and interpret Mental Status Examinations (MSE) - Risk assessments and safety planning - How to master your case formulations and write a great treatment plan - Amanda teaching you a step by step guide to writing both assessment and intervention case reports. I will help you understand what exactly needs to be included in each section of your case report so there is no confusion - Top tips for writing a great case report and passing first go - A discussion of common errors I see provisional psychologists make when writing their case reports, common reasons you may fail your case report, and how to avoid these mistakes On top of this video training I also provide in this package: - Two examples of pass-worthy case reports demonstrating both an assessment and intervention style case report - Two templates you can use to write your own assessment and intervention case reports Why purchase this training from me? I am a psychologist and board approved supervisor with over 12 years of clinical experience. I have extensive experience in writing comprehensive psychological reports, as well as reviewing mandatory case reports for the psychology internship pathway. I have strong knowledge about what is expected from the case reports, and what you need to include to maximise your chances of passing.

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