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  • What is included in the Exam Prep Course?
    A summary of your entire curriculum in digestible videos. I have split the course into five sections: - Introduction to the course and study tips - Assessment - Interventions - Ethics & Communication - Exam prep tips and resources to help you prepare for the day of This course has 34 hours of content which includes predominantly video summaries, study notes, practice exam questions and answers, additional readings, study plans, etc
  • What is the difference between the 'Exam Prep Quiz' and the 'NPE Practice Questions'?
    The NPE Practice Quiz includes 80 questions and answers and you get the experience of sitting a 'live' exam with me (via video recording). I present the questions, show you how to time yourself, and then talk you through the answer and rationale. You can log this as roughly 4 hours of CPD. The 'NPE Practice Questions' is a document that has 51 exam-style questions with written answers and rationale. These are different questions to the ones in the quiz so you could certainly purchase both together! If you are an exam prep course member, you have access to all of the above so no need to purchase them again!
  • Can I claim this course in my tax return?
    You can certainly count this course as professional development meaning it is 100% tax deductible.
  • When is the right time to get started with exam preparation?
    I always tell my supervisees to get started as soon as is possible. There is a lot of content to cover and your reading list is extensive. To give yourself the best chance at passing, I would start well in advance and work your way through the curriculum slowly. I think one year is a good amount of time to not feel rushed, and six months if you can set out a rigid schedule. You can also work outside these timeframes, each individual is different with their capacity for learning and retention, and has different demands in their life. You will know best as to what you can do based on your own circumstances!
  • How did you create this course?
    I had been assisting supervisees with exam preparation for a while before I decided to make the course. I approached it by reading the entire reading list, and then making comprehensive video summaries of each section of your curriculum. Many months went into the making of this course!
  • I'm planning to sit the exam soon, how long do I need to complete the course?
    The course content is 34 hours which includes the video summaries, and additional readings and resources. Once you purchase it, you get access to all the content immediately, and you can watch everything at your own pace. The best part is because it's self-paced and online, you can rewatch it as many times as you need!
  • Do you offer payment plans for your courses?
    Yes! You can now purchase my Internship Bundle and pay a monthly fee over 12 months. I also have the option for you to checkout with PayPal which allows you to pay the full amount in four instalments and still get access to the course immediately. Please check out PayPal's terms & conditions for this if you want more information.
  • How long will I have access to the course?
    You will have access for one year, and I will extend this longer if you need it to pass the exam (at no extra cost to you).
  • Which program is right for me? I can't decide!
    It really depends on your circumstances. The full Exam Preparation Course is the most cost-effective and includes everything (including the quiz). However, if you feel you really only want to further your learning on one section, I have made this an option. You can purchase each domain individually which will include that domain's complete content, and that portion of the exam prep quiz. Each domain is worth somewhere between 10-15 hours of PD. If you feel you've prepared sufficiently and only want the practice questions, the Exam Preparation Quiz is for you. It has 80 practice questions, with answers and rationale. It runs for 4 hours and it is a pre-recorded video of me reading you the questions, allowing you to pause and guess, and then providing you the correct answer and rationale. I did it this way as it's more interactive than simply reading off a PDF file. It will also give you the feel of sitting an exam as I have it timed. Still unsure? contact me and I can help you figure out what is the best option for you!
  • Will this course guarantee that I pass the exam?
    While this course is designed to provide you a structured approach to your study and preparation, I would never make false or misleading claims in order to sell this course. I created this course to provide you all with a structured plan for learning the entire curriculum. Passing the exam will depend not only on how well you learn the information from the curriculum, but also many factors that are outside my control. I have attempted to do the hard work for you by summarising the curriculum, but the rest will be up to you and your own preparation methods!
  • I have recently failed the exam, how can you help?
    I have had many provisional psychologists come to me after failing the exam once, twice, or three times. I offer a host of services such as one on one sessions, group study sessions, live workshops, and of course my full exam preparation course. I am happy to help you work out a plan as to what is going to best suit your needs and situation. Contact me and send me your results, and I will give you my recommendations.
  • How long does the course run for?
    Please note: my Exam Prep Course does not run for 52 weeks. You get access to all content immediately. 52 weeks refers to how long you have access to the course for! You can structure this in any way you need to. Some will space this out over several months, others will do this in more condensed periods of time. This course can be adapted to work with your study needs and the timeframes that are most suitable for you given that it is self-paced!
  • Can I count this towards my professional development hours for my internship?
    Yes, at minimum you can log this as 34 hours of professional development. However, do count how long you spend on it and be sure to log all time spent studying and preparing.
  • Do you have capacity for ad-hoc psychology supervision?
    I am no longer providing individual supervision to provisional psychologists. You are welcome to join me for group supervision! If you are a registered psychologist, please feel free to review the about me section of my website. If our interest areas align, I may be able to assist with ad-hoc sessions. Please contact me and tell me more about yourself and what you're looking for.
  • Where are your services for psychology supervision & workshops located?
    I currently operate completely online (via zoom) which means you can access my services from anywhere in Australia!
  • How do I add you as a secondary supervisor to access group supervision?
    It's quick and easy. Once you book into a group I will email you a letter that you just sign and lodge online with AHPRA. As soon as it's lodged I become your secondary supervisor for your psychology group supervision sessions! There are no limits to how many supervisors you can have.
  • Do you have capacity for primary supervision for provisional psychology students?
    I am at capacity for primary supervision and do not have any short-term plans of taking on new supervisees.
  • I’m interested in your psychology workshops but I can’t make the date, what can I do?
    I currently have the past recordings of my workshops available for purchase in the ‘online training’ section of my website. The benefit of completing training this way is you will get to watch a live workshop at your own pace, and have access to the recording for a full year. This still counts as professional development and I provide certificates of completion once I’ve noted you have finished reviewing the recording. Unlike some ‘on-demand’ training, mine is a recording of an actual live workshop and therefore you will get the opportunity to see me train a small group of people and answer common questions and troubleshoot with provisional psychologists how to implement strategies. For recordings of upcoming workshops that aren’t yet released, please contact me directly as there is a separate booking process. If you pre-order the recording of a workshop you will get immediate access once the workshop is complete.
  • What are your fees for supervision?
    My fees as of January 2023 for supervision are as follows: Individual supervision for registrars, and other registered psychologists: $200 + GST per hour ($220 per hour) Group supervision: $80 per hour for all psychologists

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