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The Mental Status Exam Resource and Template is an indispensable toolkit designed specifically for mental health professionals aiming to elevate and streamline their assessments.


The Mental Status Exam (MSE) stands as one of the most crucial components of psychiatric evaluation, providing a snapshot of a client's psychological functioning at a given moment. Included in this comprehensive resource is:

  • In-depth Guide: I have a written guide delving into the nuances of each section of the MSE. Equip yourself with the knowledge to understand exactly what you are looking for and how to rate your client's profile accordingly. 

  • Interactive Template: Streamline your assessments with a user-friendly template optimised for both print version and use on your tablet or computer. This structured and clear format ensures that no detail is overlooked. It is a clean design with checkboxes as well as room for additional notes under each subsection.

  • Adaptable: This can be used both in print form and on your tablet device. No more messy clinical notes!


Available in a digital format, this resource seamlessly integrates into your clinical practice. Whether you're a seasoned practitioner looking for an efficient, user-friendly template,  or an early-career professional seeking clarity on the components of a Mental Status Examination, this resource is ideal for you. 


Purchase individually or as part of my 'Clinical Resource Bundle' for a discount!

Mental Status Examination Resource

  • Note: This is a digital file. This resource and its contents are the intellectual property of Amanda Moses Psychology. Each purchase is for individual use only and for use with your clients. If you work in a group practice, each professional must purchase their own copy to use this product. There are strictly no refunds.


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