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Drawing from rigorous research and a comprehensive understanding of the DSM disorders, I've created the Psychometric Assessment Finder. This resource covers every major disorder in the DSM-5-TR and clearly lays out both screening assessments and diagnostic tools, ensuring you have the right instrument for each clinical situation. Every tool listed has been handpicked based on what the research has indicated as being 'gold standard' for their strong psychometric properties and ease of access.


Looking for assessments specifically for youth or older adults? I've got you covered. For every disorder I have also provided adaptations for these populations, where available. The best part? The whole digital document is hyperlinked. So you can simply click on a disorder from the contents page, it will take you to the list of assessments I have collated. Click on the relevant assessment and it will take you straight to the website where you can download it for free (or purchase, where necessary). 


This is guaraunteed to save you HOURS of time. No more researching and wasting time trying to find appropriate tools to use in your clinical practice. With my guide, you can rest assured I have already consulted the literature for you and presented it in a clear and accessible format. This will be a clinicians best friend, designed to simplify your workflow and enhance the accuracy and efficiency of your assessments!


The covering diagnoses are covered in this 30 page resource:



-Generalised Anxiety

-Social Anxiety

-Panic Disorder


-Separation Anxiety



-Eating Disorders


-Substance Abuse

-Personality Disorders




-Behavioural & Conduct Disorders

-Bipolar Disorders

-Dissociative Disorders

-Neurocognitive Disorders


Please note this is a digital PDF file and each purchase is for individual use only. Purchase individually or as part of my 'Clinical Resource Bundle' for a discount!

Psychologist Assessment Finder

  • Note: This is a digital file. This resource and its contents are the intellectual property of Amanda Moses Psychology. Each purchase is for individual use only and for use with your clients. If you work in a group practice, each professional must purchase their own copy to use this product. There are strictly no refunds.


    Please see the terms of purchase here, for your reference:

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