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CBT: Skills in Practice Level 1

  • 52Weeks


This three hour training is designed to provide you with foundation skills in Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBT). I bring to you a unique take on CBT that is not simply 'thought challenging' but helps you understand what CBT really is, in its true essence. I have extensive training and experience using CBT in clinical settings and was grateful to train at the Beck Institute in Philadelphia with the late Dr Aaron Beck. CBT is a highly misunderstood yet groundbreaking therapy, being that is first-line treatment for most mental health disorders. Let me teach you the CBT I know and love and how to make the most of this therapy. Learning objectives: - Understand the CBT model and how it understands psychological distress - Learn how to create a case conceptualisation with a CBT lens - Review the psychometric tools that are most commonly used in CBT - Learn how to identify maladaptive thinking and what to do when your clients are struggling to identify theirs - Understand socratic questioning and Amanda's signature approach to thought evaluations and modifications - A deep dive into behavioural activation and how to use this for maximum benefit (hint: its not just scheduling activities) - Troubleshooting and working with tricky clients. Learn how to overcome hurdles in therapy when your clients don't seem to be responding to your strategies This counts as 3 hours of professional development and includes downloadable slides. You will have access to the recording for one year from purchase. This training has been designed with psychologists and therapists in mind.

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