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CBT: Skills in Practice Level 2

  • 52Weeks


This workshop is designed to build on my CBT: Skills in Practice Level 1 workshop. It is not a pre-requisite for attending but it is assumed you will have some foundational knowledge and skills in CBT. I am dually registered as a psychologist in Australia and Clinical & Counselling psychologist in the UK. I have over a decade of experience using CBT in clinical practice. I had the wonderful opportunity to train at the Beck Institute of Cognitive Behavior Therapy in Philadelphia with Dr Judith Beck and the late Dr Aaron T. Beck (founding father of CBT). In this workshop I will cover: - Unpacking Core Beliefs- tools for identifying, evaluating and modifying them - How to design a Behavioural Experiment - Systematic Desensitisation/ Graded Exposure - Relapse Prevention strategies - How and when to terminate treatment - Troubleshooting why your clients may not be responding to any of the strategies above - I will provide you with a workbook filled with worksheets I developed that you can use with your clients This will count as 4 hours of professional development towards your internship/CPD towards your ongoing registration requirements. Please note: Purchase is for individual use only, sharing this program is not permitted. If you are an organisation/team who want to provide access to more than one individual contact me directly and I can arrange you an appropriate quote.

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