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Depression: Assessment, Diagnosis & Treatment

  • 52Weeks


In this three hour training I will provide you with the knowledge and skills to enhance your work with depression in a clinical setting. Learning objectives: - How to assess and diagnose depression - Differentiating between grief and depression - Conducting an initial assessment and developing a case formulation that is specific to depression - Behavioural activation including a discussion about how this is really designed to be used and how to make the most out of this tool in therapy - Evidence-based interventions with practical examples on how to implement these to enhance their effectiveness - Understanding the implications of low motivation and how to address this with your clients - Troubleshooting and advanced strategies for when your clients aren't responding in treatment This counts as three hours of professional development and includes downloadable slides. You will have access to the recording for one year from purchase. This training has been designed with psychologists in mind but would be beneficial to anyone providing therapy to clients with depression.

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