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Psychopharmacology Basics

  • 52Weeks


In this two hour training I will cover all aspects of psychopharmacology and how it is relevant to psychologists. While psychologists do not prescribe medication, we work closely with prescribers and our patients are often medicated. Having an understanding of psychopharmacology is now a basic requirement for all psychologists (as outlined by AHPRA in their curriculum for emerging psychologists). Having knowledge of psychopharmacology means we are able to provide more holistic care to our clients and work collaboratively with general practitioners, psychiatrists, and specialists who work with our clients. In this training you will learn: -Basic terminology in psychopharmacology - An understanding of neurobiology and neurotransmitters to have a better understanding of what psychotropics are targeting - Psychopharmacology for Depression, Bipolar Disorders, Anxiety Disorders, Schizophrenia, OCD, ADHD and more. This will include me talking about medications for each condition, common side effects, psycho education around these medications and scripts you can use with your clients who are considering, or taking medication for this presentation. I will also include information about medication risk factors and warning signs that you need to be aware of when treating these clients. I will answer questions like: -When should someone with one of the above conditions be medicated? -What are some underlying health conditions or medications that can cause the above mentioned disorders? This workshop will count as 2 hours of professional development and includes downloadable slides. You will have access to the recording for one year.

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