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Interventions for Insomnia

  • 52Weeks


Join me for this live mini workshop where I will teach you Cognitive Behavioural Therapy for Insomnia (CBT-I). This is a treatment protocol designed specifically for Insomnia and is not like standard CBT. Insomnia is a highly co-occuring condition with psychological presentations such as: Depression; Chronic Pain; and Bipolar Disorders (to name a few). Untreated insomnia is a significant factor in why treatment fails to progress. You can incorporate the learnings of this workshop into your work with clients suffering with insomnia, or use it as a stand-alone treatment. In this workshop I will cover: - Psychological theory about sleep and Insomnia - Assessment of Insomnia - Creating a case formulation and designing a 6 session treatment plan - Stimulus Control and Sleep Restriction Therapy - Insomnia and Neurodivergence (Autism/ADHD and considerations) - Other Techniques & Troubleshooting This workshop is worth 2 hours of CPD.

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