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Interventions for Insomnia

  • 52Weeks


In this two-hour professional development workshop I will teach you how to assess, diagnose and treat Insomnia using Cognitive Behavioural Therapy for Insomnia (CBT-I). Insomnia is a highly co-occuring condition with psychological presentations such as: Depression; Chronic Pain; and Bipolar Disorders (to name a few). Untreated insomnia is a significant factor in why treatment may fail to progress. You will leave this training with an in-depth understanding of: - The science of sleep including circadian rhythms, chronotypes, and more. - How to assess and diagnose Insomnia. - How to create a case formulation as well as an outline for an evidence-based six session treatment plan for Insomnia. - Understanding of both Stimulus Control and Sleep Restriction Therapy and their application or Insomnia. - Insomnia and Neurodivergence: Understanding Insomnia with regards to Autism and ADHD and how you will need to adapt your approaches accordingly. - A range of techniques that go beyond just 'sleep hygiene' and that are based on what the research says works best for treating Insomnia, This workshop is worth 2 hours of CPD and you will have access to this recording for one year. It also comes with downloadable slides.

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