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Treating Suicidal Clients- Beyond the Safety Plan

  • 52Weeks


In this three hour training I will provide you a structured and evidence-based 10 session treatment plan aimed at addressing suicidal ideation. This treatment protocol is based off the work by Dr Aaron T. Beck (founding father of CBT) for suicidal clients which I learned, in person, at the Beck Institute in Philadelphia over a decade ago. This training is not simply about how to conduct a risk assessment and safety plan, it takes you beyond that and provides you with practical tools to treat the suicidal ideation specifically. Learning objectives: - How to assess clients presenting with suicide risk and self-harm behaviours - How to designate levels of risk appropriately (low, medium, high risk) and implement a basic safety plan - Understand when this treatment protocol is indicated and when it is okay to simply address the suicidal ideation indirectly - Learn how to implement CBT for suicidal Ideation, a specific treatment protocol unlike regular CBT - Know how to design a structured 10 session treatment plan to address the suicidal ideation and reduce your client's risk for suicide - Troubleshooting and advanced techniques for when you are stuck in therapy - Learn how to identify when a client is ready to shift their focus back to other symptoms and therapy goals This training counts as three hours of professional development and includes downloadable slides. You will have access to the recording for one year from purchase. This training has been designed for psychologists but would be suitable for any mental health worker or therapist who works with client's who may experience suicidal ideation.

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