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Amanda Moses Psychology National Psychology Exam Resources

All of my free and paid NPE resources for Provisional Psychologists, in one place.

I have been developing free and paid materials for the National Psychology Exam for quite some time! I thought it would be helpful to provide an easy to access resource where you can find some of my best. You're welcome! ;)

The next round of the NPE is open for registration on Monday, 4th March. Here are the key dates for the National Psychology Exam the rest of 2024:

  • Monday 29 April – Friday 17 May Exam registration period: Mon 4 Mar – Fri 12 Apr

  • Monday 29 July – Friday 16 August Exam registration period: Mon 3 Jun – Fri 12 Jul

  • Monday 28 October –Friday 22 November Exam registration period: Mon 2 Sep – Fri 11 Oct Below are some links to key resources:

My podcast episode with Mental Work: Studying for the National Psychology Exam

Amanda Moses' National Psychology Exam Course- the most comprehensive course available to prepare you for the NPE! You can check out my reviews here too.

What are some of the benefits of doing my National Psychology Exam Preparation Course?

  • It is the most comprehensive course available with over 41 hours of professional development included that you can log towards your internship.

  • It will save you time and money. I have read the entire (current) reading list and summarised this for you. You can be sure you will be learning relevant and up to date material from someone who has worked hard to study all the content.

  • Because it is self-paced you can rewatch my trainings as many times as you need. It is also available on an app which means learning on the go!!

  • It is convenient. Sure, you don't need a course, but this is to take the guess work out of it for you, save you time, and maximise your chance for success!

  • I am a trustworthy source. You can rest assured that with me, you will be getting a course that is high-quality and from an ethical source. I am proud of my reputation as someone who is committed to supporting and advocating for early-career psychologists. I have been providing free support to provisional psychologists for the NPE well prior to me developing a course. This is testament to my commitment to helping you succeed!

  • I continue to update and sometimes add bonus content at no extra cost to NPE course members.

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