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Autistic Burnout: Prevention and Management 


This is a 56-page digital handbook developed for allied health professionals, as well as for people Autistic people and their carers. This resource has been designed to provide you with education about Autistic Burnout, as well as evidence-based strategies for prevention and management. Included are worksheets designed for allied health professionals to use with their Autistic clients in therapy. However, these worksheets and resources are also accessible enough that Autistic people can use these independently to self-manage outside of a therapy context.


What is included:

- What is Autistic Burnout?

- Key Characteristics of Autistic Burnout

- What Causes Autistic Burnout?

- Identifying Autistic Burnout

- Burnout Monitoring

- Burnout Prevention Strategies and Worksheets

- An Introduction to Spoon Theory

- Worksheets and Resources to Implement Spoon Theory


This digital file is suitable for all allied health professionals, Autistic individuals, as well as parents and carers who are seeking to learn more about this topic. 

Autistic Burnout: Prevention and Management

  • Please note: This is a digital file. This resource and its contents are the intellectual property of Amanda Moses Psychology. Each purchase is for individual use only and for use with your clients. If you work in a group practice, each professional must purchase their own copy to use this product. There are strictly no refunds.


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